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Author/Illustrator Abby Hanlon Shares Her Kids’ Drawings!

Guest Post / Inspiration

This week P&O is thrilled to have our friend, author/illustrator, Abby Hanlon, join us for a guest post. Take it away, Abby! My six-year-old twins are in desperate need of money right now to buy more Star Wars Legos. They have been thinking of ways to capitalize on the foot traffic on our busy Brooklyn block. The other night at 8:00 (bedtime) but still light outside, they convinced me to let them go out (in their pajamas) to set […]

In which Sergio Ruzzier shares the making of Bear and Bee

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We’re always happy to share good news from our stubbled Italian fairy godfather, Sergio Ruzzier. He’s with us now to talk about the creation of his new book, Bear and Bee, which comes out today. And with that, we hand over the conch shell. Take it away, Sergio! When my daughter Viola was in, I believe, third grade, I was asked by her school, P.S. 295 in Brooklyn, to come up with a bee character […]

A Pen & Oink Guest Post Starring Melissa Guion

Guest Post / Process

A guest post? Is Pen & Oink getting lazy? No, we are just excited to share with you first time author/illustrator Melissa Guion. She and I had a very Brooklyn meet up. We drank intriguing sodas, sitting on stools in a chilly window looking out onto Flatbush Avenue. She made me laugh a lot! We compared stories of having Sergio Ruzzier as an illustration teacher; she tried to convince me about chiffonading (?) kale and […]