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Lani Yamamoto inspires me!

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Above: My complete collection of Lani Yamamoto books. Lani Yamamoto’s books have been a big inspiration to me. I love her books on every level, for the topics they tackle, for her simple line illustrations that speak volumes, for her inventiveness and for her extraordinary sense of color. Many moons ago I worked at a bookstore and told anyone that would listen that they should buy the Albert series.

Ode to Italian Authors and Illustrators

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Above: Spread illustrated by Emanuele Luzzati from Italo Calvino’s: Il visconte dimezzato. I recently went back to Italy, almost ten years after I had left it. That’s a long story I won’t bore you with now, but one of the things I missed most was browsing in European book stores. Books feel more beautiful over there, the thick paper (often textured), well-illustrated covers of every kind of book (no photos from movies that came after the […]

High School French Follow-up!

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I cannot believe I wrote this post a year ago. When I put it on Facebook, I hadn’t thought much about it. But lo and behold Mark from my high school French class (and just about every other class I had growing up) kindly contacted me to tell me he still had the books. Not only did he still have the books, but if I wanted them, those books could be mine! And so thanks to Mark, those books are now […]

Sara Fanelli’s My Map Book

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Map of My Heart (click to enlarge) I’ll never forget when I came across Sara Fanelli’s My Map Book while I was re-shelving books at the independent bookstore I worked at many years ago. It made me chuckle that the bookstore had decided to shelve it in the non-fiction area under geography. Anyone looking for a map or an atlas would not find what they needed in this book. Though I’m not sure where I […]

Checking in on Vine

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The magic water faucet — Khoa (@khoaphan) May 23, 2013 – The Vine app has come a very long way since I first wrote about it in March.  People are now “Vine famous” many with a few hundred thousand followers and a few with even a million. Most of the popular Viners seem to be the ones who use it for comedy; a short film with an unexpected punchline. People are remaking one another’s […]

“Are you a Goop?”

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A few years ago I came across two of Frank Gelett Burgess’ books about the Goops at a small and wonderful library sale in Sherman, CT. I wanted to share with you Goop Tales because it is hilarious! It’s the 1973 Dover edition of the “unbridged and unaltered” original, published in 1904 by Frederick A Stokes Company. I can’t believe how current these old Goops seem! So what is a Goop, and more importantly are […]

Wishing you all a chocolate chicken!

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Rosemary Wells‘ Max’s Chocolate Chicken is the best book for this season! It involves an egg hunt, a chocolate chicken in a birdbath and a beautiful forest in bloom for a backdrop. I find it to be a true celebration of Spring (without overtly mentioning particular holidays). This is Max and Ruby at their best. With all the humor and personality you expect from those funny shaped bunnies. Ruby dutifully hunts for eggs and Max, […]

3 German illustrators whose work you may or may not know*

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My friend Diana, from Germany, is visiting this week. We met back when I lived (and studied illustration) in Leipzig. Diana is a linguist; she studies an endangered language in Nepal and has interesting things to say about the role of picture books in endangered language communities. More on that some other time. But since I’m thinking about Germany today, I wanted to mention a few German illustrators whose work I like a lot. The […]


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I’m really into bold, minimal, modern, poster-y illustrations right now, which I guess is what happens to your brain when you start working in silkscreen. Even though I think of myself as a maximalist, like LET’S PUT IN LOTS OF TINY DETAILS EVERYWHERE IN SCRITCHY SCRATCHY LINE. This modern stuff is more Robin or Ruthie’s bailiwick (Exhibit A: our avatars), so it feels a little funny to write this post. But BRIGHT COLORS and SHAPEY […]

Kathleen Griffin’s Butterflies of Memory

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When my friend Mary* told me about her sister’s latest sculpture project I couldn’t believe my ears.  Giant golden butterflies flying away with an abandoned hospital? On an Island?!  It sounds like it’s straight out of a fairytale, creepy and imaginative mixed with a pinch of Roald Dahl.  I’ve always enjoyed hearing about Kathleen Griffin‘s art which is often about candy, horses, butterflies and grasshoppers. There is something fantastical and childlike about her work. It […]

Cooking is Child’s Play: A French Cookbook for Kids


This beautiful vintage French cookbook for kids belongs to my friend, Cybele. Check out that chef baby on the cover! La Cuisine est un Jeu D’enfants was published in 1965 and, according to the jacket flap, “Any child who cooks from this book is well on the road to culinary success, and his elders will have to borrow the book or hire a French chef to keep up with him.” I love the simple, bold illustrations […]