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Sunshine covers!

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These three books are on my bedside table*; they make me happy. First and foremost, they happen to be fantastic reads that I highly recommend full of humor, heart and outstanding illustrations. I look at them and rearrange them often and even though I’ve finished them, I just don’t want to put them away. I think that has something to do with the yellow. I rarely use yellow in my work, it seems like a […]

Animal Stackers on Kickstarter!

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I haven’t taken a look at Kickstarter in a while, and boy am I glad I did. Not only did I find the much needed Food Huggers (which could really help me out with my lemons), but then I came across Animal Stackers.  I love the stop motion animation in the video above. Poor snail got stuck in the tree – if only someone could help him get down.  Dan Nguyen can! I get so excited when […]

High School French Rocks!

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So you may have guessed that I took French in high school. The best thing about it was the illustrations in the text book and accompanying workbook. My friend and I were obsessed with them. Unlike most text books at the time, it had illustrations by someone who could actually draw and who had a sense of humor. I like how loose and gestural they are, and how all the men have big noses! The […]

Donkey stamp!

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Today I’m keeping it simple: a sneak peak into my upcoming post about my love of donkeys and trying out Robin’s very first Pen & Oink tutorial. Now check out this fabulous postage stamp from Italy celebrating the different breeds of donkeys: For more info on this stamp by Anna Maria Maresca click here.

Aryan children want you to eat a good breakfast

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Today’s post is sort of a digression. But not really! It’s still about illustration! And children! Anyway. I wouldn’t call myself a collector, exactly, but there are certain things I like to acquire in quantities that are more than practical. Interesting vintage pillowcases. Itty-bitty toys. Oh, and children’s books. Yeah, I own a lot of children’s books. Then there’s my collection of food packaging bearing pictures of smiling blond children. I think it started on […]

German Ornaments

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My parents lived in Bad Kreuznach, Germany for three years when they were first married because my father was stationed there in the army. Among other things (including my older sister who was born there!), they brought back ornaments for the tree with them. Every year growing up when we helped them decorate the tree, I would marvel at the hand painted wooden ornaments. Each one more interesting and colorful than the next. I would […]