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Checking in on Vine

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The magic water faucet — Khoa (@khoaphan) May 23, 2013 – The Vine app has come a very long way since I first wrote about it in March.  People are now “Vine famous” many with a few hundred thousand followers and a few with even a million. Most of the popular Viners seem to be the ones who use it for comedy; a short film with an unexpected punchline. People are remaking one another’s […]

Summer Events! Get out there and see some stuff!

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Fisher from One Eyed Robot on Vimeo (see Animation Block Party below for more details). (click on bold for links with more info) Saturday, June 15th Brooklyn Children’s Museum 12:00 – 2:00pm – Ages 3–10 yrs “Join top model and eco-activist, MARIA SNYDER for an exclusive reading from her ECO BOYS AND GIRLS BOOKS” Sunday, June 16th Brooklyn Children’s Museum THE PENGUIN EARLY LEARNERS READING SERIES 12:30pm -All ages OLIVER JEFFERS “A native New Yorker. His […]

Le Tableau – The Painting – GO SEE IT!

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I had other plans for this week’s post, but when I got my weekly update from GKIDS, I knew this was the only thing I should be writing about. Le Tableau by Belgian Director Jean-François Laguionie, was released in 2011. But somehow it hasn’t come to the U.S. until now. I know I’ve only seen the trailer, but I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Sketches and half-finished paintings are characters in this imaginative world. It seems […]

Wishing you all a chocolate chicken!

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Rosemary Wells‘ Max’s Chocolate Chicken is the best book for this season! It involves an egg hunt, a chocolate chicken in a birdbath and a beautiful forest in bloom for a backdrop. I find it to be a true celebration of Spring (without overtly mentioning particular holidays). This is Max and Ruby at their best. With all the humor and personality you expect from those funny shaped bunnies. Ruby dutifully hunts for eggs and Max, […]

All About Vine

Animation / Inspiration

My children asked me “Dad can you catch a fly with chopstick?” So I made this video & said “Can!” — Pinot (@pinot) March 12, 2013 I’ve been taking a bunch of videos lately just playing around on my phone, and really enjoying it. Something to nourish my constant attempt to absorb my environs; especially the endless stimuli in New York. When talking it over with my friend, Laura, she suggested I get the […]

A Pen & Oink Interview: Holy Cow! It’s Giselle Potter!

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Years ago, when I returned home from living abroad, a friend handed me a copy of author/illustrator Giselle Potter’s The Year I Didn’t Go to School, and I have been a massive fan of her work ever since.  Cecil the Pet Glacier written by Matthea Harvey and Illustrated by Giselle Potter is a recent favorite of mine. I can’t wait to get my hands on her new book (it’s out now!): Want to Be in a […]

Carosello Part I: La Linea

Animation / Foreign Exchange

“Guardi Carosello e vai a letto!” (You can watch Carosello and then it’s bedtime!) The famous phrase (or some version of it) Italian children heard for as long as Carosello was broadcasted on the RAI (Italy’s state television channel). My husband often shows me clips of this staple from his childhood in Italy. What I can gather about Carosello was that it was on TV from the late 50s through the late 70s, it was […]

Porco Rosso

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In honor of our upcoming launch (next week: a lot more pigs and a lot more logo) I’d like to give a shout out to a great pig film: Porco Rosso. Japan’s Studio Ghibli films never disappoint with their incredible animation chock full of complex characters and epic story lines (several are inspired by great children’s books). Written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki, it was originally released in 1992. WWI veteran Porco Rosso is one […]

Just a random penguin.

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I know, the meme is so over already. It’s been like, half a day? But I wanted to fiddle around with After Effects, and I like penguins. So there. Photos are from Flickr users Loretín, Lord Biro, and George M. Groutas. Why can’t I put a caption on a video? So many questions this morning.

Pat a Mat

Animation / Foreign Exchange

I could never understand the timing of Italian television programming. Things came on at random; nothing on the hour or half hour, the way we have everything neatly lined up here. One morning, we had the TV on and for a few glorious minutes my boyfriend and I were mesmerized by Pat a Mat, a Czech program. I have always been a sucker for stop motion animation; I love the painstaking workmanship behind it. In each […]