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Squarespace! and a few more portfolio website services

Self-Promotion / Tools of the Trade

Since writing my post, “What Art Directors REALLY Think About Your Online Portfolio,” I have come across another great online website builder for portfolios called Squarespace. I don’t see many children’s book creators using this service yet so I’ve pulled some examples from other illustrators. Squarespace comes with several clean, beautiful templates that look instantly classy out of the gate. I am working with a client right now on a site using the service and it’s great. I had a few minor issues […]

Illustration Promotions: Fast and Cheap Postcards and Business Cards

Self-Promotion / Show and Tell

While I love the idea of creating a great save-worthy promo piece for myself, sometimes (okay most of the time) I just need something done quickly and cheaply. I’ve been preparing for the upcoming scbwi conference and I need some promo postcards and business cards to present along with my portfolio. I haven’t had much time to spend on them so I got some printed up at and I’m very pleased by the printing quality.* Liz has […]

What Art Directors REALLY Think About Your Online Portfolio


It’s no surprise that an art director’s main source for finding illustrators is the good ole world wide web. Art Directors look at hundreds of websites a year so naturally they have some strong opinions about what they love and what they hate about the sites they visit. I polled several of my art director friends and we came up with some online portfolio dos and don’ts. Don’t freak out if your site is more […]

Save-worthy Illustration Promotions, Part I: The Zine


Above: Some of Mark Todd’s zines. From top: John: Issue 1 (2 different versions shown), Troy: Issue 2, and Bad Ass Girls 2. I am both an art director and illustrator so I receive promotions from illustrators and I make my own illustration promotions to give out. As an illustrator, I always hope my promotion pieces make an impression on those who receive them. As an art director, I’ve received lots of great promos over the […]