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Best Erasers Ever!

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Above: My two new favorite erasers: dust-gathering (red), light-erasing (blue). I was recently ordering some of my favorite nibs. As every online retailer knows, I’m going to fill my cart to get the free shipping. So I still had a ways to go and noodled around the website thinking of all the future art supplies I could possibly need. The “dust-gathering” listing intrigued me so I clicked on this Pentel Ain eraser. Somehow, my scans are […]

A Pen & Oink interview with the great Sara Varon!

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Above: Endpapers from Sweaterweather Author/illustrator Sara Varon is one of my all time favorites! From her color palette and quiet humor, her touching characters and story lines, her books welcome us into her world which is a pretty great place to be. I’m so happy she agreed to be my first face-to-face interview. One chilly night we met for snacks in Brooklyn. Here is what we talked about:

DELETER Pens and Nibs

Tools of the Trade

It’s about that time when I go from pencil and marker sketches to actually making a final drawing with real pen and ink. But that requires me to find my pen, nibs and ink! And because all of these items are quite small and like to hide, this is actually more of a problem than you’d think. Also, you haven’t seen my desk! But don’t worry, a year ago I bought  this book to help […]

Squarespace! and a few more portfolio website services

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Since writing my post, “What Art Directors REALLY Think About Your Online Portfolio,” I have come across another great online website builder for portfolios called Squarespace. I don’t see many children’s book creators using this service yet so I’ve pulled some examples from other illustrators. Squarespace comes with several clean, beautiful templates that look instantly classy out of the gate. I am working with a client right now on a site using the service and it’s great. I had a few minor issues […]

Speedy Carve, I love you.

Tools of the Trade / Tutorials

Last summer I took five glorious weeks off from client work to participate in the Summer Residency Program in Illustration at School of Visual Arts. Our first assignment for Viktor Koen’s class was to create a family book-plate for ourselves. I chose to do a “field” of turkeys to represent a long-running joke in my family about a large flock of turkeys that visits my parents’ home. I drew a sketch for the idea that […]

Colored Pencils

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Why do colored pencils get such a bum rap? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told something to the effect of: good stuff, but stay away from colored pencils. It is those same people telling me that colored pencils can be hard to reproduce–but I love using them. As a kid I always drew with colored pencils, maybe because almost every year for Christmas I was given a new set. By the […]

Inky Persninky

Tools of the Trade

I’ve long been a Very Fussy Inker. Back when I was still figuring out which supplies I liked, I used Winsor & Newton india ink. At the time, I was coloring my drawings with watered-down gouache, which has a denser coverage than watercolor. But I still wanted my line to be visible. Not all black inks give you a really good, opaque black, and some of them bleed, too. India ink seemed like a good choice, […]