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Above: my favorite pen and nibs.

It’s about that time when I go from pencil and marker sketches to actually making a final drawing with real pen and ink. But that requires me to find my pen, nibs and ink! And because all of these items are quite small and like to hide, this is actually more of a problem than you’d think. Also, you haven’t seen my desk! But don’t worry, a year ago I bought  this book to help the right-brained learn to organize. I have not read it yet, but I’m really banking on it to change my life if I ever do!

Since the pens are yellow that should make them easier to find! I have no idea where I first heard of them or even where I bought them from. But I love them and wanted to share them with you: DELETER pens and nibs. I like how they are shorter and wooden (some pens are long and beautiful looking but I can’t seem to manage them very well).

The pen's end: different circle slots for the nibs.

The pen’s end: different circle slots for the nibs.

I also like the way the nibs stay tightly in the pen. With some of my other pens, the nibs get a bit wiggly and wobbly. But these seem to stay firm in place. I also like their manga mascot! I have all three of the nibs DELETER offers, but generally I find myself using the nib that is listed as both “spoon” or “saji”. The ink runs very smoothly through the nib for a consistent line.

Here’s some places I found them online:

What pens and nibs do you like?

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