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In honor of our upcoming launch (next week: a lot more pigs and a lot more logo) I’d like to give a shout out to a great pig film: Porco Rosso. Japan’s Studio Ghibli films never disappoint with their incredible animation chock full of complex characters and epic story lines (several are inspired by great children’s books).

Written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki, it was originally released in 1992. WWI veteran Porco Rosso is one cool pig pilot on an adventure packed with dynamic aerial scenes and the sublime Italian settings of the Adriatic Sea, where he plans to retire at the hotel of his friend and possible love interest, Gina.  On a trip to get his plane fixed, he meets his spunky sidekick Fio, a young and talented female mechanic. Along the way he clashes with the airborne pirate gangs as well as the secret police who are after him too. Why was a spell cast to turn this flying ace into a pig?  You gotta watch to find out.

Good news for New Yorkers: Porco Rosso is being screened at the IFC throughout December. It’s downright thrilling on the big screen.

Alas, I really wish those rumors about a sequel had been true! Though the dream still lives on in Wikipedia!

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