Animal Stackers on Kickstarter!

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Above: Animal Stackers from Dan Nguyen’s Kickstarter page

I haven’t taken a look at Kickstarter in a while, and boy am I glad I did. Not only did I find the much needed Food Huggers (which could really help me out with my lemons), but then I came across Animal Stackers.  I love the stop motion animation in the video above. Poor snail got stuck in the tree – if only someone could help him get down.  Dan Nguyen can! I get so excited when a product is both useful and well presented. I like how a few simple details like the stripe on the snake, the turtle’s belly and the bison’s tail, can make those Tetris-like shapes come alive.

European toys, look out! There is finally a smart, well designed, functional wood toy (from renewable sources, no less) to compete with you.

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