Aryan children want you to eat a good breakfast

Just Because


Today’s post is sort of a digression. But not really! It’s still about illustration! And children!


I wouldn’t call myself a collector, exactly, but there are certain things I like to acquire in quantities that are more than practical. Interesting vintage pillowcases. Itty-bitty toys. Oh, and children’s books. Yeah, I own a lot of children’s books.

Then there’s my collection of food packaging bearing pictures of smiling blond children. I think it started on a trip to Germany. I was buying groceries when this smirking fellow caught my eye.


Actually, it was probably the overall design that drew me. The clean typography combined with a nostalgic graphic and a sophisticated color scheme is pretty appealing. (I bought this box of cocoa in Prenzlauerberg, which is kind of like the Park Slope of Berlin.)

The children on the package usually seem to come from some bygone era. And they are always blond; why, I don’t know. I’ve seen plenty in both Germany (natürlich) and the US (hmm). On the other hand, I once asked a friend traveling to France to bring me something for my collection, but apparently French food is child-free.

In my search for child-festooned food packaging, I try to buy things I will eat, the margarine being a notable exception. I couldn’t resist–look at that pretty box! Who designs these things?

Do you have something for my collection? Mail it to me! (Email me at and I’ll give you my address, unless you sound like a stalker.)

Just as good: scan or photograph the packages and email me pictures! I’ll share them in a future post.


A classic specimen.


More hot cereal. This was another one where typography was the draw, but the cereal was pretty good, too.


Fancypants brands are also in on this convention.


Tres Estrellas is a Mexican brand. I can only guess that this girl, who looks like she dates to the early twentieth century, has been with the company a looooonnng time.


This box is the biggest puzzle of the bunch. Nothing says Jamaica like…a blond boy. Who actually looks like a forty-year-old man with plucked and penciled eyebrows.