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Our faces are red! No, pink!


Readers, We are having technical difficulties today. You may have noticed that Rob Dunlavey’s interview was surprisingly short on images, for an illustration blog post. In fact, many more beautiful drawings await! We’ll be re-posting the interview soon, and we hope you enjoy it in all its (intended) glory! Blushingly, Pen & Oink

Launch coming soon!*


With piggies. Stay tuned! (In the meantime, you can always subscribe to our newsletter.) -R, R, & L *Readers, you may be asking yourselves, “Haven’t they already launched?” We suppose. But we haven’t had our Grand Opening party yet!

How to make preseparated artwork with tracing paper, a scanner, and Photoshop

Process / Tutorials

Last week, I discussed the design process for one of the posters in my (EXCITINGLY CLOSE TO ITS FUNDING GOAL) Kickstarter. Today, I’m going to talk about a relatively un-fancy way to make this sort of illustration yourself. I made color separations for my posters because they are going to be silkscreened by hand. But once upon a time, children’s book illustrators frequently drew this way–it made the books cheaper to produce. To my generation, […]

You gotta keep ’em separated

Process / Show and Tell

As I mentioned last week, I recently launched a Kickstarter to make silkscreened children’s posters. I thought I’d talk a little bit about how I designed them. The idea came from a doodle in my sketchbook. I like to draw animals, and the Olympics were coming. And I knew I wanted to make some posters. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted them to be silkscreened or offset printed, but I didn’t really need to know […]

A quick Sunday post


Matt Singer – “All This Joy” from Family Records on Vimeo. I saw this music video by Matt Singer today at BAM’s puppet film festival. It’s been out for a while, but I thought I’d share it anyway. It is a little slice of happiness.

A short post about a big project


(If you tried to click through to the previous, mistakenly posted post, here it is. FOR REAL!) Here’s an illustration project that’s occupied me for a while: a Kickstarter! I’m hoping to silkscreen a lot of big posters, of animals playing sports. Come for the video, stay for the posters! I’ll talk a little bit about my process in a later post.

A Pen & Oink interview with Lauren Castillo, in which she talks process and coffee

Interviews / Process

Lauren Castillo joins us today! The thing I love about Lauren’s work is that it’s just so classic. I’d always envisioned her working quite traditionally on fancy thick watercolor paper. So I was surprised to handle some of her finished art recently and discover that she works on regular old drawing paper out of a pad! Lauren’s latest book, The Reader, just came out. She’ll be touring the Internet to talk about it, and we […]

Just a random penguin.

Animation / Just Because / Show and Tell

I know, the meme is so over already. It’s been like, half a day? But I wanted to fiddle around with After Effects, and I like penguins. So there. Photos are from Flickr users Loretín, Lord Biro, and George M. Groutas. Why can’t I put a caption on a video? So many questions this morning.

Why are all my favorite illustrators men?


Every so often, I’m asked to name my favorite illustrators: the ones who influence me, the ones whose work I hold up to my nose with my glasses off so I can study their every pen mark and brushstroke. Though it varies slightly with the seasons, the children’s book section of the list goes something like this: William Steig, Calef Brown, Quentin Blake, Roz Chast, Neal Layton, Blexbolex, Maira Kalman, Tomi Ungerer,* Jules Feiffer,* James […]

A Pen & Oink interview, in which Abby Hanlon tells us her story


For our inaugural interview, we’re excited and proud to introduce the fourth member of our critique group, Abby Hanlon. She’s been so busy making her first (and second, and third) book that she wasn’t able to join the blog, but we hope she’ll visit us here from time to time! Hometown: Armonk, New York Now lives in: Brooklyn, New York Tools of the trade: Prismacolor pencils and a pan of watercolors (Schmincke) Illustration idol: Arnold […]

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Indie Picture Books That Are Awesome: I AM YOU

Indie Picture Books That Are Awesome

I used to live in Vermont, where one of the summer rituals is a trip to Glover, to see Bread and Puppet Theater‘s papier-mâché circuses. One of the Bread and Puppet credos is that art should be cheap and for everyone. Accordingly, they have a stand where you can buy their posters for almost nothing. People hang them in the kitchen. There are other publications as well, booklets and calendars and whatnot, illustrated mostly with relief […]