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Behind the Scenes of What Makes A Baby: A Kickstarter Children’s Book

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Last October, Liz introduced me to a great book called What Makes a Baby, written by Cory Silverberg and illustrated by Fiona Smyth. (I talked about it in my post on picture books and doing it.) Cory’s book, which approaches the reproductive process from a more inclusive perspective, was a Kickstarter smash hit: $65,516 pledged of a $9,500 goal. The first, self-published printing of What Makes a Baby sold out and it is now in its second print run […]

Carter is a Painter’s Cat

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Today, some inspiration from Carter is a Painter’s Cat, by Carolyn Sloan, with illustrations by Fritz Wegner, published in 1971. Carter is about an artist’s cat who gets repainted every morning on a new sheet of paper. He looks different every day and he’s never sure what to expect. It’s a great story, and Wegner clearly had fun creating each and every illustration. He combined lots of cool techniques in his watercolors throughout—textures, patterns, splatters. His […]

A Visual Feast, Brought to You by 50 Watts


I first came across about a year ago when I was looking for some images by Japanese illustrator, Takeo Takei. I was blown away. Will Schofield’s blog is an amazing visual resource of illustrated books around the world, (mostly) old and (sometimes) new. Schofield originally started the blog under another name in 2007. You can read more about Will and how he started 50 Watts here and in Steven Heller’s blog post for The Atlantic. children’s books at […]