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Above: spread from Soon Baboon Soon by Dave Horowitz.

“Orangutans bang everythang

Mr. Horowitz has forever changed my brain when it comes to the word “soon”. I can no longer say it without hearing: “..baboon, soon” in my head and chuckling to myself. In fact, I never realized just how many times I used the word soon until I started adding baboon soon to it! And it’s exactly this rhythm that he creates throughout his story of percussion wielding primates.


My favorite page from Soon Baboon Soon by Dave Horowitz.

In his Soon Baboon Soon the rich purples, reds and oranges fill the entire page spread as he takes us through the “Percussion of the Apes”. We see each ape take the stage, but will baboon ever get to perform?┬áMr. Horowitz’s illustrations makes us feel like we are sitting in the audience, watching the show as it unfolds with each animal and his particular form of percussion. It’s a fun read aloud, with each page turn bringing us deeper into the performance–while poor baboon anxiously awaits his turn.

Mr. Horowitz also has a pig (ham, actually) blog!
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