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Piggie drawings

Process / Show and Tell

Ruthie, Robin, and I decided to make a bunch of pig drawings to adorn our new logo. For me, this little project was a chance to play with different styles. This first one is a combination of hand drawing and Photoshop. I started out with colored pencils and crayons. Because it was an experiment, I didn’t overthink things. Then I used a mask to give the pig a cutout look and better define the eyes. […]

The (Re)making of the Pen and Oink Logo

Process / Show and Tell

When we decided to start this blog I created the logo below. I chose the font because it felt piggie: chunky and round, and the letters curling up reminded me of pig tails. Well in turns out someone else thought the exact same thing. I got an email from Liz a few weeks later. She was visiting Simon and Schuster and saw a book called Oink on the shelves there. Same word, same typeface. The book […]

You gotta keep ’em separated

Process / Show and Tell

As I mentioned last week, I recently launched a Kickstarter to make silkscreened children’s posters. I thought I’d talk a little bit about how I designed them. The idea came from a doodle in my sketchbook. I like to draw animals, and the Olympics were coming. And I knew I wanted to make some posters. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted them to be silkscreened or offset printed, but I didn’t really need to know […]

Just a random penguin.

Animation / Just Because / Show and Tell

I know, the meme is so over already. It’s been like, half a day? But I wanted to fiddle around with After Effects, and I like penguins. So there. Photos are from Flickr users Loretín, Lord Biro, and George M. Groutas. Why can’t I put a caption on a video? So many questions this morning.