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When Robin told us about the Blown Covers contest, all the planets aligned for me. Fran├žoise Mouly and Nadja Spiegelman offer a great opportunity – a “monthly New Yorker cover-esque competition.” It’s simple: they announce a theme, showing some great past New Yorker covers for inspiration; anyone can submit their idea. They publish the runners up in a harrowing daily countdown until the winner is finally revealed. It’s equally fantastic that they always include a slideshow of all the submitted pieces at the end. I love seeing how many unique takes on one theme people come up with, and how sometimes, what seems original might just not be in the end!

I’m usually very tied to pen and paper but had been meaning to experiment a bit with digital color. I needed to get out my rut, my endless lists of unfinished planned projects. It was a clean slate, a chance for me to work on something with a quick turnaround. Here are some of my submissions on the following themes: Autumn, Back to School and Cats and Dogs–bet you can’t figure out which is which!

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  1. kirinjirafa says

    ok, the first one is autumn (i can tell because the kids appear to be falling, so there’s a play on words for “fall”), the second one is back to school, because the acorns and colored are traveling on a bus, so they must be going somewhere, and the then the third one is cats and dogs, because there are two people who appear as though they could be fighting, and two of the fish in the tank appear like they could be too, so fighting like cats and dogs. did i get it right?

    (yes i am kidding, and good luck with the contest- your images are fun )


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