The Snow Ghosts

When I worked at the bookstore we employees all had our favorites and shared them with each other. We’d encourage lost customers to consider purchasing the books that touched us the most.

The authors and illustrators were our superstars. I’d get way too nervous when one of my favorites came in for a signing, so much so that I was almost too scared to have them sign my books. Fortunately, a fearless coworker pushed me to have a small square book signed by Leo Landry himself. I had to tell him just how much I loved The Snow Ghosts.

I like the brevity of this book, the simple drawings and few colors. I didn’t know what a snow ghost was, but when you read the book their character and abilities come to life. These are not scary ghosts but gentle, playful, and warm. Mr. Landry eases you in and lets you share their tender world and feel like you got to know them for a while.

Here is my favorite page spread:

“It’s hard to remember colors in their world of white. If they try hard enough, some snow ghosts can turn red, or blue, or even yellow. Though this leaves them very tired.”

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