Creatures of the Night

Show and Tell

Above: Opening image for Creatures of the Night, Real Simple Family 2013 by Robin Rosenthal

Art Director Tova Diamond at Real Simple asked me to create some illustrations for an article about sleep for their 2013 family issue. The article, titled “Creatures of the Night” and written by Naomi Shulman, details different child sleep behaviors and how parents can handle them. Each behavior is represented by a different animal.


I knew once I read the copy that I would have fun with it, and I immediately knew what I wanted to draw for the opener. My 5-year-old is a classic “rooster” (an early riser) and we are always hoping she will sleep later than she actually does. I feel a little bit of that early morning dread every time I look at the illustration above.

See below for some more sketches and finished pieces from the project. Thanks, Tova and Cybele, for such a great assignment!



Sketches for the nap protester (bull), prowler (cat), and rooster.


Final illustration for the socialite (butterfly) by Robin Rosenthal.


Final illustrations for the rooster and the nap protester (bull) by Robin Rosenthal.


  1. Yvonne Mes says

    Lovely characters! It was interesting to see how you played with different types of nightwear and their patterns and how they brought out the characters.


  2. Babs Murray-Ure says

    Excellent, Robin. (you even have a bird’s name, albeit not a rooster’s…smiling)


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