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So over the next week or so I’m trying to redo my portfolio website which is in grave need of some serious lovin’. Luckily, Robin gave us some great tips in her post about what Art Directors are looking for in a portfolio.

I’m weeding through all my images trying to figure out which pieces should make varsity and which ones should be bench warmers. I came across my bears, a series I did for some contest entry, long before I knew a few tricks in Photoshop or things like how images should be sized or properly named for web-searching. Barf. I’m a grump when it comes to digitizing things. These bears are just pen and ink on Bristol board with some colored pencils. Their file names are all wrong, their sizing is weird and they were never saved for the web (until now*). I have a big job ahead of me.


bear butt detail

bear butt detail

*I have in no way mastered these techniques. Here’s a good link for your reference.

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