The best yes ever

Some time ago, I wrote and dummied this story about a bear named Ursula (natch) who does water ballet. She’s training for the big water ballet championship with her friend Ricardo…


…until one morning, when they discover a new pool policy: NO BEARS ALLOWED!

page13Anyway. Last summer, Ursula (under the working title of SPLASHDANCE) went out on submission and ended up reaching the acquisitions meetings at a couple of houses. So there was this big week when I was waiting for news. One evening, I got an email from my agent with the subject line “YouTube video.” The email read, in its entirety, “You will enjoy this” and included a link.

Of course, I took the email completely at face value. (Note to anyone who ever wants to throw me a surprise party: it will be very easy.) A YouTube link? Not exactly what I was expecting, but not out of character for my agent, either. And what do you do when your agent suggests you do something? You do it immediately. Duh.

So I watched the video. And then I called my parents and made them watch it too.

All I can say is that everyone should have an editor as awesome as Susan Dobinick. (Plus her team of talented colleagues, LIVE from the FLATIRON BUILDING!) By the way, are you wondering about the “NOT A BEAR” t-shirts? Well, my friends, the book is due out in 2016. (!!!)

  1. Robin said:

    We are so excited for you Liz! Well-deserved for a great book and great lady.


  2. mguion said:

    This looks fantastic!! and I want a bear shirt!


  3. Susan Marston said:

    What a thoughtful way for them to deliver the news, Liz. I’m SO happy for you! Congrats on all that studying and hard work and talent getting noticed!!!!!!!!!!!! (And I knew you when!)


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