Rounding up posts at the old Pen & Oink ranch



It’s been good times at Pen & Oink since our first post all the way back in September (!!). Here’s a selection of our favorites:

Robin shows how to add color to black & white artwork in Photoshop.

Liz asks: Why are all my favorite illustrators men?

Neil Numberman tells us about comics, working through the night, and beige.

Lauren Castillo shares sketches galore!

What art directors REALLY think about your online portfolio!

An appreciation of Clay Carmichael’s Bear at the Beach.

Soon-to-have-his-American-picture-book-debut Rob Dunlavey shows off beautiful birds and some sketchbook drawings.

A beautiful vintage French cookbook for children.

Stephen Savage talks process in juicy detail: Part I, Part II.

Ruthie’s collection of German Christmas ornaments.

Robin shares a childhood favorite by Anita Lobel.

Ruthie has a ball at SCBWI!

Comics artist Jon Chad geeks out about geology and books with cool formats: Part I, Part II.

…and of course, the ever-popular tour of the Atlas Powder Company!